Where’s my order?

If your order is ON HOLD, it means the following: You are in queue to process. WE HAVE NOT CHARGED YOU ANYTHING. If there is a hold on funds, that is your bank securing the funds from your account in anticipation of your order processing. We do not process the charge until your order is ready to ship or we assign a gun to you. If you have a good bank, the pre authorization will disappear after a few days until we complete the transaction. If you have a crappy bank, bad credit, a consistently low account balance, your bank might hold the funds for 30 days. Don’t call me, call your bank.

If your order is PROCESSING, then we are preparing your order to ship or we have assigned a gun to you. We have now processed the charge. If your order is processing, we will need a physical copy of the FFL emailed to ffl@sticksandstonesarms.com along with verification that you fall within our program guidelines.

Tracking is sent automatically once we create a label. Labels are generally not created until the order is within a day or two of shipping out You will receive an ORDER COMPLETE email along with tracking. As long as you entered your correct email address when you ordered, and you checked your spam folder, you will have tracking information. Do not email me for tracking information.

Why should I create an account?

With an account, you can check order status, tracking information, cancel an order, create notifications for out of stock items, etc. We currently have a ridiculous amount of email coming in and cannot respond immediately.

What is the First Responder Program?

Simple: read the homepage, make sure you fall within the program guidelines,. If you call or email asking me if you fall within a category, I will not respond. It’s black and white; you do or you don’t. If the product states COMMERCIAL, then you can order outside of the program.

If you order a restricted item and you cancel because you didn’t read the big blue banner before ordering, you will be assessed a fee of up to 6%. It costs money to process orders and wastes my time, so heed the warning. The warning is on every page of the website and on an acknowledgement you have to click when you confirm your order.

Why don’t you answer the phone?

My company, my rules. If something requires a phone call, I will call. If you are calling to cancel an order, you’re better off sending an email or canceling it yourself through your account portal. In the current Covid times, I’ve dealt with too many people ordering through us that do not qualify. The result is a backlog of canceled orders which creates current stock issues and frankly, pisses me off. It also costs money to process orders. If there is a shipping issue (shipment falls off the face of the Earth mid transit, please email me with your order number in the subject line. San Bernardino Sorting Facility seems to eat lots of packages lately.


Defects are covered under manufacturer warranties. If it is a Sig LE item, email your local factory rep to request an RMA. If it is a commercial product, call the manufacturer CS. No, you cannot return guns to us. We are a dealer, not a manufacturer. We cannot repair defective items. We only sell new product from the factory with full manufacturer warranties. We are not a test drive facility. The only returns we will take are brand new, unopened packages and they will be subject to restocking fees which include the cost of shipping plus the cost of processing the order.

Why did you cancel my order?

Most often, you did not put the agency you work for or other qualifying name in the COMPANY NAME. If you order a restricted item and you added “Bob’s Cattle Farms” under the company name, good chance I will cancel your order. No, I will not call or email you to inquire further. The system will send an auto generated email. Do not email me requesting a refund (read above). If I charge you a processing fee when I cancel the order, take it up with your bank and we’ll play the chargeback game.

Why are you such a D!@&?

We are a law enforcement / first responder program dealer. We have a very limited amount of commercial products for sale. In the hierarchy of things, I will move active LE / active duty Military orders ahead of everyone else in the program. Non program people have bogged my email to the point of no return. This company was built to cater to LE and others within the program and that is how it will remain. Expect verification to be required through a 3rd party vendor in the near future before you can view anything on the website. That will likely save me 250 emails and 80 telephone calls a day.