Update 8/11/2021: We have moved towards a waitlist option on the website. Once you sign up for the waitlist, you’re receive an email once an item returns in stock. Jump quickly because pretty much everything sells out within a few days.

Currently not dealing with preorders because managing the lists become insane. In case we chose to go with a pre order again, here’s the info: Pre orders are established to balance inventory with demand.  Many of our guns are not easily obtained, so we have large open orders with the manufacturer and wait for them to ship.  Sig Sauer does not provide ETA’s and they do not provide how many guns will ship to fill open purchase orders.  Sometimes they ship 10 guns, sometimes they ship a thousand guns.  We base our 3-6 week lead time for the P365 off past invoice history with Sig, though, they could ship us a thousand guns and wipe out our pre order list out at any given time.  We’ve upset tons of dealers already with the quantity of P365’s we received (and we plan on keeping that up PF).

Pre orders establish a list of ready, willing, and able purchasers.  First, YOU MUST FIT WITHIN OUR PROGRAM CRITERIA TO ORDER FROM OUR SITE.  I cancel dozens of orders each day from people who do not fill out the employment/company line in the order.  Think of this as the first step towards program verification.  It takes 3 seconds to put the name of the agency you work for on the line in the account details section.

DO NOT SELECT THE PAY LATER OPTION.  DO NOT SELECT THE PAY LATER OPTION.  DO NOT SELECT THE PAY LATER OPTION.  Again, we establish a list of ready, willing and able purchasers.  If you do not have the funds to purchase at the time of the order, you shouldn’t order the gun.  You must checkout with a card on file for pre orders or I can guarantee you will be skipped when the orders process.  You do not get charged for anything until we assign a gun to you.  Generally, it will be within a day or two prior to shipping off the gun to your FFL.  Rule here is you must be ready to purchase at the time of the order, NOT AT THE TIME OF THE RELEASE DATE.


These are guns, not lego sets or video games.  Sig handguns don’t sit on a shelf at Amazon and when the magical date arrives, ship out to the masses. Release dates are pushed back as we go to keep the pre orders in a pending status and to prevent cards from getting charged.  For several reasons, we will NOT charge a card for a gun we don’t have on hand (the exception would be a deposit amount on a hard to get, ultra-expensive gun).  The release date is a timer for our system to punch the orders and process cards.  From the time of processing the card (not done during the intial pre order-order), we have 30 days to take your money or we have to process the card again.   As we near the release date, we push it back another month or two.  This doesn’t mean the sky is falling and we’re off schedule.  We often push back the dates when we have incoming guns.  Someone always decides to cancel their order when the date gets pushed back and often, their gun was inbound.  You will get pushed to the back of the line if you decide to un-cancel your order.


We sell off roster firearms to LE in California.  You must have an exemption in California to purchase our guns.  Generally, if you’re not a LEO, you cannot purchase our guns new.  It doesn’t matter if you fall within our program requirements; if you’re in California, you have to be LEO before you can purchase an off roster gun new. WE DO NOT ACCEPT GUNBROKER ITEMS FOR TRANSFER IN THIS STATE WITHOUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION AND FOR LEO ONLY.


When you order a pre order item, only the item can be placed in the cart for checkout.  With the P365, we have holsters and magazines in our inventory.  When we process the gun order, we will give you the option to purchase extra mags and accessories.  We will deduct any shipping amount when we process the accessory order.  We will ship the accessories with the gun (99% of the time).


There are certain mandatory fees and monies we have to collect.  State tax is collected on any tangible good coming in to California.  Our rate is 8.75%.  Shipping is automatically calculated to the worst case number and often reduced when we process the order.  If we DROS your gun, $38 ish bucks of the shipping fees go to CA DOJ, the rest goes in my inconvenience fee account.  If the gun doesn’t come through us, you will still pay DROS, state tax, and a higher inconvenience fee.  Don’t haggle or complain to me about pricing; it is set.  Occasionally, I get bored and run a sale to move stuff.  Deeper discounts cannot be backdated since they are rare and usually due to the manufacturer allowing minimum pricing holidays.


Best way to contact me is via the live chat option that will continuously pop up in the lower right hand corner. Email is back logged, but you can give it a whirl here email.  Provide your telephone number and agency in the email if you’d like a response.  I put as much time in the response as you put in the inquiry.